The world’s first mini printer, EP-101 was launched by Shinshu Seiki in the year 1968 which was soon incorporated into many calculators. In 1975, the name Epson was coined for the next generation printers based on EP-101 where EP means electronic printers was released to the public. They are known for its advance printing technology which enables it to deliver quality print out. Its high technology allows it to print all kind of documents like invoices, spreadsheets, bar code etc. even after excellent services provided by Epson there may be situation when consumer faces certain issues which they are unable to solve in that case they can approach for Epson help where our experienced and qualified team will help them to fix the problem.

People can check the issue related to their printer by using following steps-

  • They have to first click on start and then type devices and printers.
  • Then they need to click on devices and printers.
  • Then they should click on the printer to check the level of ink for that they should double click on printers icon and then they will be able to view the additional information related to the printer
  • After that the customer could understand what the issue is and further take steps to solve it.

Epson Help For Some Problems Listed Below-

  1. PROBLEM IN INSTALLATION– if a user is not able to install the printer then they just need to contact our Epson help team who will help them to install it within a short span of time.
  2. PAPER JAMS-They occur when some objects might have fallen into input tray or paper may be loaded incorrectly in paper tray or paper rollers may have got damaged or dirty or printers may have torn wrinkled or damp paper.
  3. CARTRIDGE IS NOT INSTALLED CORRECTLY-This is a problem when a cartridge is incorrectly installed. In that case user can follow some basic steps like they have to remove and reinsert the cartridge and then also if the problem exists they can contact our Epson help team who would help them to fix.
  4. PROBLEM WHEN PRINT JOBS STUCK IN PRINT QUEUE-There are certain situations when print job is stuck in the windows print queue and this print job cannot be cancelled or deleted. This problem prevents the printer from further printing

These are some of the common issues there may be some other issues too. Whatever the issue may be user should always contact our Epson help team who would help to fix the problem within a short span of time.