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It is really a frustrating situation if you suddenly find that you are unable to access your account even when you are confident enough that the login details entered are absolutely correct. Suddenly, if you find that you are unable to enter into your account then you must again check the username properly as you have multiple accounts and there are chances that the browser is set to auto-fill the account details. If that too is not the case, then there is a possibility that you are suffering from Hotmail hacked account. Your account gets hacked when any unknown person acquires access to the account. They have the opportunity to misuse the information present in the account. Like they can easily get your banking information and then misuses them.

Hotmail Hacked Account

What to do if you can’t access the account?
  • Whenever you are unable to access the account then after trying a fixed number of times to login you should stop. As multiple attempts to log in to the account with wrong credentials may block your account. Once the account gets blocked you have to take help of Hotmail support team for recovering it back. There is nothing that you can do for recovering the blocked account.
  • Then the question arises what to do next when you face login problem. You must click on ‘can’t access your account?’ present just below the sign in box. If you find that you can’t enter in your account because you are entering the wrong password, then you should link on this link. This will take you to a link where you have to click on ‘forgot your password?’. You have to undergo a Hotmail password recovery process that is mentioned there. There are mainly two ways of recovering the password. One is by answering the security question and other is receiving the steps in the secondary email address or the phone number linked to the account.
  • In the recovery page you will have to enter the recovery email address and the Captcha and after that, you will receive an email in that email address which contains the recovery steps. Those steps have to follow properly. If you need any guidance, then you have to take the help of Hotmail help Our team guides you throughout the step so that you are able to complete the process without any hindrance.
  • There is even a possibility that you are unable to access the account because your account has been hacked. If you are able to access the account even after it is hacked, then without delay you must reset the password to recover your Hotmail login problem and if you can’t enter the account then you have take steps for recovering the Hotmail hacked account.
What can you do?
  • You have to determine whether your account has been compromised and someone unauthorized is using your account. If you find that your password, recovery email address, as well as the security question, has been changed then there is no doubt that your account has been hacked. If you don’t know how to check all these details, then you have to contact Hotmail customer service team who will aid you in this step.
  • As soon as you come to know that your account has been hacked you have to click on ‘Can’t access your account?’ link and then you have to select the third option that is ‘I’m having other problems signing in.’ and then you have to enter your email address and after that click submit. You have to follow these steps for recovering the Hotmail hacked account. In case you have any trouble doing so then take help of our team.
  • Once you enter the Captcha successfully you will receive an account recovery form in the recovery email address. In order to recover the Hotmail hacked account you have to enter your identification information and submit the form and then the records will be compared and only after that you will be granted the access to your account. Our team provides you with all the required assistance in these steps when you call them in Hotmail contact number. They have experience in handling all the issues related to Hotmail.

If the Hotmail is hacked, then that is more dangerous as it may contain all the confidential information about you so as soon as you are in such a situation without delay you must consult the expert team. They will immediately rush towards recovering the Hotmail hacked account. The support team consists of expert technicians who have years of experience in handling such critical issue. They have the capability to understand and resolve your problem as soon as possible. The only thing that you have to do is call them and convey the problem in detail. The executives will first determine the actual cause and then only take a relevant step in resolving it.