This article discusses the benefits of an Antivirus program as well as some of the essential steps that an end user must adhere to ensure the security of one’s computer or a mobile device.

Since the advent of the Internet transfer of information and storage of the same has become simpler. However, like many other advances of technology the Internet facility too has a contraption as well. Most companies, organizations and even individuals store vital information in their computers, laptops or mobile devices as well as virtual drives. The vulnerability of these storage systems lies in the fact that they are not immune to virus attacks. A powerful virus can expose this information to unknown third parties. Nevertheless, the AVG tech support team opine that one reduce the threat of a virus attack extensively with an up-to-date Antivirus program.


The latest Antivirus program will equipped with all the information required to identify an intrusion signature and remove the threat effectively. This will ensure that the information stored in the system is protected. Additionally, the Antivirus program’s firewall will prevent the entrance of harmful programs like malware, Trojan or spyware. According to Norton tech support team installing and Antivirus program will also ensure that the system or the mobile device works at par. Subsequently, especially for companies and organizations, this will ensure that work is carried out in an efficient manner and there is no loss in man hours, due to a slow system.

According to NAWADA Support team, there are some steps that even the end user can adhere to, so that intrusion signatures do not enter a computer or a mobile device. Some of these steps are as follows:

  • Do not open mails that appear to be sent from unreliable sources.
  • It is essential to ensure that the mail is not a spam or a phishing as these mails usually contain the intrusion signatures. Set up mail filters so that the spam or phishing mails do not reach the mail box.
  • Regularly, scan the system for malware, Trojan or spyware. After that remove all programs that appears to be unreliable.
  • Install the most up-to-date version of Antivirus, with capabilities of identifying and removing virus, malware, Trojan, ransomware or spyware programs.
  • Remove all unrequited files and ensure that the system or the mobile device is regularly updated.

Thus, by following some simple security measures one can secure a computer and protect it from intrusion signatures.

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