This article evaluates and discusses the importance, as well as, the advantages of proper maintenance of printers. It also mentions some simple tips to ensure that the printers are well maintained.

Whether it be in an office or at a home, printers are one of the most essential computer hardware. Companies like Hewlett-Packard  and Epson manufacture hybrid printers, which work also as scanners or fax machines, along with its primary objective of producing print outs. However, as the machine becomes more and more complex, so does the requirement for proper maintenance of the equipment.  According to the NAWADA Support technicians, it is essential to maintain the printers both at one’s office and home, to increase the longevity of the machines.


Based on the analysis of the calls received on the HP Customer Service Number and the Epson Printer Support Phone Number it has been found that most of the printer issues faced by the end user can be averted by properly maintaining the equipment. Additionally, the companies opine, that irrespective of the robust appearance of the machines, printers are essentially delicate equipment. All printers have moving parts, rollers and cartridges that need to be serviced regularly. This ensures that the printers as machines will be able to work at par. If a company faces printer issues, then work itself can come to a halt. Hence, many companies outsource the printer maintenance requirements to third parties to increase the durability of the equipment.

Some of the common maintenance steps that printer users must adhere to are as follows:

  • Ensure that the cartridges are properly filled with ink. Additionally, the cartridge heads must be free of any debris to allow smooth printing of the required documents.
  • The system from which the print command is being sent must be free of any malware. Otherwise it can adversely affect the installed printer software causing the machine itself to malfunction.
  • If paper has got jammed into the printer, then it is essential to slowly pull out the paper. If one forcefully yanks out the jammed paper, then the roller heads can break. Replacing printer roller heads can prove to be quite expensive.
  • Do not cut the electrical connection to the printer suddenly to stop printing the documents in line. Instead give a ‘stop print’ command from the system. Forcefully stopping the print can adversely affect the printer.

Thus, by following simple maintenance tips, one can ensure the durability of the machine.

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