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A proper printout is received after printing process is completed through Epson printers. In the process if proper paper is not loaded or there are any issues regarding the paper that is inputted in the printer then you can’t get proper printout. That means there will be hindrance in the printing process. You can solve this problem with the help of experts of our team by calling in Epson contact number. As soon as you contact them they will address the issue and make sure that it is resolved at the earliest.

Epson contact number

Various Paper Related Issues With Solutions
  • Incorrect paper type: If the loaded paper does not match the paper type selected then you can’t print. If you want to solve this issue you have to match loaded paper to the paper type. That will allow you to solve the problem instantly.
  • Wrong paper size: If the data size that you are inputting is not matching the loaded paper size then you can’t print properly. In that situation you have to ensure that the loaded paper size matches to the data size. If still the problem is not resolved, then you have to take help of Epson support.
  • Paper out: There are two possible situations when you have to face this problem, one is that no paper is loaded in the printer and another one is that roll paper is out while printing. In order to solve the first issue, you have to load the paper correctly and for solving the latter issue you need to load a new roll paper.
  • Problem in border less printing: When you install A2 size cut sheet media for border less printing but continuously you are receiving reload paper error message then you must install a different size of cut sheet media or roll paper. If you need any help in the installation process, then call in Epson contact number for help.
  • Problem of loading paper: You get error message for reloading paper when the printer cannot detect the loaded cut sheet as it might have become wavy or curled in that case you have to flatten the cut sheet media. If the printer is unable to detect the loaded paper, then you can solve the problem by just moving the paper level.
  • Paper is not inserted deeply: When the cut sheet media inserted from the front manual feed slot is not inserted deeply then you will have problem in printing. You have to insert the paper deeper. You can take help of Epson customer service team in case you need any support.
What To Do When The Printer Prints Nothing?

When you find that the printer is not correctly connected to the computer then try one of the below mentioned solutions:

  • Firstly, you have to turn off the printer and computer and after that you have to ensure that the printer’s interface cable is securely plugged in the correct terminal of the computer. If needed you can take help of Epson printer troubleshooting experts in this step.
  • In the next step, you have to ensure that the interface cable specifications matches the specifications mentioned for the printer and computer.
  • Further you have to check whether the interface cable is directly connected to the computer without any other devices like the extension cable.
What to do when Epson is not selected as default printer?

First of all, you have to install the Epson printer driver then only you can follow these steps for selecting Epson as the default printer:

For windows XP

  • In order to start the process, you have to click the start button and then click on printer and faxes.
  • After that you have to right-click on the model of Epson printer.
  • Further, you have to select ‘set as default printer’ and close the window.

These steps will help you to select the Epson printer as default printer in case of windows XP. If there is any trouble in these steps, then you have to take help of our team by dialing Epson contact number.

For windows 2000

  • You have to click the start button and then point to settings and select printers from there.
  • Further, you have to right click Epson from the printer’s windows.
  • Finally, you have to choose ‘set as default’ and at last close the printer’s window.

These steps are valid only in case of windows 2000. You have to ensure that you follow each step properly so that you are able to complete the process successfully. You can call in Epson contact number and seek help from our expert technicians. They will guide you through the steps and ensure that you are able to use Epson printer for printing purpose without any trouble. They provide instant solutions for all sorts of issues that arise in Epson printers.