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If the printer stops printing unexpectedly then that means the printer is in condition of either head cleaning, ink charging or ink drying. When the pause light is flashing then there is a chance that the printer stops printing unexpectedly. There is possibility of some other problem in the printer when you find the pause light is flashing. In that situation you have to wait till the printer resumes printing. The control panels have lights which indicate various errors. In order to find the cause of the problem, you have to seek help of Epson customer service team. The professionals of our team will help you to solve the problem with relevant solutions.

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Different Error Messages and Solutions

  • When you receive the error message ‘unable to print’ then you have to first check the print patterns such as nozzle or head alignment. After that you have to first end the test print menu and then solve the error that is displayed on the LCD. This will help you to print patters if you still have difficulty doing so, then you can contact Epson support team for help.
  • You will get ‘MNT TK near full’ error message when the maintenance tank is almost full. In that situation you have to replace the maintenance tank with a new one. If any help is needed in the process of replacing the tank help of our team could be taken.
  • When the ink cartridge is almost empty then you get ‘ink low’ error message. This message could be avoided only by replacing the ink cartridge. Though you can continue to print in low ink situation but at times it may decline the print quality. Hence, you have to take help of Epson printer troubleshooting team for replacing the cartridges on time.
  • If any part of the printer has become obsolete that it means it has reached nearly reached to the end of its life, then you will receive error message ‘MNT REQ’. This error message comes with a code which indicates the part. You have to convey that code to experts of Epson customer service team if you have understanding the code.
  • When you load thick paper then cleaning could not be executed or if the printer is unable to feed the printout in that situation you will receive ‘remove paper’ message. For solving this error message, you need to remove the thick paper and then move the paper lever to a secured position. In case the issue is associated with the printout then you have to remove the printout.
  • Suppose the nozzles are found clogged then you have to run the head cleaning utility. You have to follow the process of cleaning the print head which differs in case of other devices. So, you have to call in Epson contact number and seek guidance for understanding the process in detail.
  • The error message ‘change paper type’ is received when the loaded paper doesn’t match the paper type selected. You must ensure that the loaded paper matches the paper type otherwise you will have difficulty in printing process.
  • The problem of wrong paper size may arise when the loaded paper size does not match the data size, then the problem of wrong paper size arises. You have to make sure that it matches and in case you have any difficulty in it then you can contact Epson customer service team for help.

Above mentioned are some of the common error messages that you often receive while printing from the Epson printers. You can solve some problems easily by following these solutions but if you have difficulty in understanding the solution then make sure that you avail the help of experts.


Generally, you face problem in printing when you find that the Epson printer drivers are not installed properly. It is obvious that when you want to install the drivers then you have selected the one according to the operating system that you are using on your device. If the drivers are installed properly and then also you can’t print, then that means printer is not connected to the computer properly. You have to check whether the interface cable which is used for connection is securely plugged if you find any problem in it then you can remove it and plug it again. Often doing that solves the problem. You should also check the specifications of interface cable as it should match the criteria of the printer otherwise you will have difficulty in printing. If the specifications differ then remove it and immediately contact Epson customer service team for help. Before seeking expert help, you must ensure that it is not connected with any other extension cable. Once you convey the problem to our Epson technical support team they will surely help you with proper solutions.