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The cheapest and fastest mode of communication is an email using a Gmail account. In the duration of using the Gmail account if you find that there are some issues in it then you must first take steps for analyzing the cause behind it. You can follow the simple solution by which you will able to solve it. If you find that you need assistance to solve it then you can call us in Gmail support number and avail the service of the support team. Here our technicians are present to assist you with appropriate solutions.

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Few common issues

Below mentioned are few issues related to Gmail which arises while accessing the account. But there are very simple steps which can solve the issue and you can again gain the access of the account.

  • You may encounter login problem because you have either entered wrong password or incorrect email address. If you are unable to login and want to know the cause behind it then you have to contact in Gmail help Internet connection and browser settings are some other possible causes of the login problem.
  • You may forget the password of the concerned account and if you do not enter the correct password, then you will not be able to login in the account. In case of all such issues you have to recover the password. You can seek assistance of Gmail support team in this process.
  • Hacked account is a dangerous situation. And once it is hack you have to take steps to recover it as soon as it is hacked. Phishing and spam message are some causes of the hacked account. So, whenever you are in such situation you must contact Gmail customer service team for recovering the account.
  • When once you are unable to login in your account then you try multiple times, which blocks the account. In that situation you can recover your account by the help of Gmail technical support team.

Solution for the above-mentioned issues

  • In order to solve the login problem, you have to ensure that you are entering correct and full username. Additionally, you should make sure that correct case is used. The internet connection and browser settings should be checked that it is intact.
  • You can recover the password by just following few steps if you forget it. You have to click on the link present on the login page which will take you to the password recovery page. Here you have toenter all the information, then you will be able to generate a new password. You can avail help of Gmail support team who would guide you throughout the process.
  • Your account gets hack when you access your account from any unknown location. As soon as the account is hacked you must reset the password. Once the password is changed then you should contact Gmail customer service for help in recovery process.

Only way to prevent the account from getting block is stop attempting multiple times for login using wrong credentials. If your account is already block, then you have to consult Gmail support team for recovering it from the block state.