Norton antivirus is developed and distributed by Symantec. Peter Norton computing inc. which is a software company founded by Peter Norton. The use of internet services is increasing day by day so is the threat of getting infected by different viruses is also increasing. In order to avail internet services users have to connect their computers with Wi-Fi or any other devices due to which many times their computers get infected. It is always wise to use Norton antivirus as it is one of the most widely used anti viruses. But during its usage people has to face various problem which causes hindrance in their usages. In that case they wonder how to get the problem fixed in that condition they can contact our NORTON CUSTOMER SERVICE team where our executives would help them to fix it.

Norton Customer Service


  1. INSTALLATION PROBLEM- whenever a user plans to use  Norton antivirus they need to download it from its website and then they follow the instruction to install it but there are certain situation when they find it difficult to install in that case they can contact our NORTON CUSTOMER SERVICE team who would help the user to install it immediately.
  2. UPDATING ISSUE- After installing the antivirus a users can use the antivirus without any hindrance but there may be situation when automatic update is not made as default in that case they have to update it by themselves for that they have to download the updater from its website if then also if they find it difficult to update it then can contact in our Norton customer service phone number.
  3. PROBLEM RELATED TO SET UP- whenever customer feel that they need to do complete set up of their  computer then they could take help from our team who would do complete set up of their system so that users can access it properly.
  4. SUDDEN STOPPAGE OF THE ANTIVIRUS- When antivirus stops scanning suddenly then user gets disturbed in that case they need to contact Norton Support team who would detect the problem and fix it.

These are some of the very common problems that Norton user may face but there may be some other problem which would prevent them from having hassle free usage of the antivirus. Users should contact our Norton customer service team as our team has highly qualified, dedicated and experienced professional who would solve all type of technical problems with their expertise instantly.