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Norton antivirus is anti-malware software developed and distributed by Symantec .Peter Norton computing INC., was a software company founded by peter Norton. In 1990, the company was acquired by Symantec after which it was renamed as peter Norton consulting group. There are certain situations when the users have to face many problems related to the use of these software. In such cases Norton Support services are here to help you out.

Norton Support

Norton Support provides solutions to all the issues like-
  • software is not responding properly-

There are certain conditions when users find that the software is not working properly in that case they can follow some basic steps which are explained later and even after that if their problem is not solved then they can contact our Norton Antivirus Support team.

  • software is not scanning the system completely-

In some particular situation software would scan the system partially in such condition users worry how to get their system fully scanned. In such case they can easily contact us for the solution.

  • Some of users face issues related to license-

This is not a very common problem but many a times some of the user might face license issues, in such case they should immediately contact our Norton customer service team who would help them.

  1. When Antivirus stopped working suddenly-

As the system disk memory gets full or sometimes when antivirus gets corrupted it may cause the antivirus to stop working suddenly.  In that case the users should follow the following steps to fix this issue-

  • First the users need to close the antivirus then restart the antivirus again.
  • After that they need to uninstall the antivirus and then reinstall it.
  • Then update the antivirus by downloading its updater from its relevant website

Whenever user understands that they are having issues related to installation of the antivirus then they can follow these instructions. They should first uninstall the existing antivirus software and close all the running applications and then again restart the computer.


There are certain situations when users find that there is need to update the software they can easily visit Norton’s website and download the required antivirus from the website and could update the software easily in their system.

The above discussed problems are some of common problems but there may be some other problems which may occur in the duration of usage of the Norton antivirus in such cases user should first try to understand the problem and then try to solve it by following the given instructions if then also they find it difficult to fix the problem then they could contact our Norton Antivirus Support team who will fix the problem in minimal span of time. Norton Help services are specially guided by support team to get rid of problems of the users for their satisfaction.